Nights at the Beekley
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Julian Velard
Saturday, October 11, 2014
Reception: 7:00 pm    Concert:  7:30 pm
Tickets:  $25 Door
Saturday, November 1, 2014
Reception: 7:00 pm    Concert:  7:30 pm
Tickets:  $25 Door
Susan Werner
Friday, January 23, 2015
Reception: 7:00 pm    Concert:  7:30 pm
Tickets:  $25 Door
    Caitlin Canty
Saturday, February 21, 2015
Reception: 7:00 pm    Concert:  7:30 pm
Tickets:  $25 Door

Saturday, March 28, 2015
Reception: 7:00 pm    Concert:  7:30 pm
Tickets:  $25 Door

"It's rare to hear something new and exciting in the realm of folk/roots music, but the careful alchemists of The Ragbirds have given us just that!"   Homegrown Music Network

"This is evidence of the very best of what independent contemporary pop has to offer."  All Music Guide

"Like a well-worn suitcase covered with travel stickers of world-music styles."    Ann Arbor Observer

A night of layers of violins, mandolins, guitars and percussion led by a clear, sweet voice and versatile songwriting.  A sound unlike any to have been on our stage!!! 
"One of the most innovative songwriters working today... (Susan) is a triply blessed artist who sings adroitly, plays the piano smartly and, best of all, writes songs of genuine distinction and high craft ."  Chicago Tribune

"This woman is great period ."  Music Row (Nashville) 

"Susan Werner, a clever songwriter and engaging performer, brings literacy and wit back to popular song."   The New Yorker  

"The classically trained and jazz inspired singer is redefining the genre and winning admirers around the country..."  Philadelphia Inquirer

"When it comes to crafting a song, Ms. Werner's only peers are Jimmy Webb and Paul Simon ."  No Depression
“Darlingside, a Massachusetts quartet with a rich line in acoustic textures and chamber-rock dynamics [...] I played it again the other day - then again and again.  Its melancholy pull - suggesting the Byrds' choral flow [...] - is now in daily rotation."   Rolling Stone   

"Darlingside are doing something new in pop music [...] ground the Beach Boys, Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Pink Floyd David Bowie, Talking Heads, Prince, Phish and Radiohead didn't cover. ”    The Boston Herald 

Clear-eyed, clear-voiced, singing sweetly from her soul, she captivates an audience."       Urban H2O

"With a style The Sunday Times calls "catchy but complicated; a surprisingly rare combination," Velard turns the piano-pop tunesmith stereotype on its ear with a most refreshing twist: a biting, 21st century wit in a stylish package - think Harry Connick, Jr. with a panache of a Brooklyn hipster - recalling Stephen Sondheim or Randy Newman at the peak of their talents."  The Second Disc 

Time Out London has compared him to the likes of Tom Waits and Harry Nilsson.      

Julian's versatility has earned him regular appearances on NPR, serving as the musical director for the new pilot Scott Simon's Wonderful Town and making regular appearances on the musical trivia show Ask Me Another.  He also penned the now famous song "The Mighty Lin", an ode to the Knicks' famous former point guard Jeremy Lin which became a viral hit.   
The Ragbirds

A Music Series
Season 8
"SHEL's debut is filled with virtuoso instrumental flights, other wordly harmonies and evocative, atypical lyrics."  The Tennessean 

"...a power quartet of femme fatale wunderkind sisters... They don't just play the hell out of their instruments with great precision, they do so flawlessly as if they were born mutated attached to their hands."  Martian Leaks 

"Rising Stars:  How do up-and coming music groups "get-the-edge in a dog-eat-dog entertainment business?  The budding success of this all-sister-quartet, SHEL, comes from the synergy of 1 - their natural talent and classical training, 2 - a Grammy-winning producer, and 3 - lucky national exposure."   Peter Johnson 

"Four sisters who make up the folk-pop group SHEL are breaking the "girl band" mold.  They look different.  They sound different. And they're seen in a different light."  Witchita Eagle