Nights at the Beekley
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The Suitcase Junket/
   Sean Rowe
Saturday, October 15, 2016
Reception: 7:00 pm    Concert:  7:30 pm
Tickets:  $25 Door
Saturday, November 12, 2016
Reception: 7:00 pm    Concert:  7:30 pm
Tickets:  $25 Door
Ranky Tanky
Saturday, January 7, 2017
Reception: 7:00 pm    Concert:  7:30 pm
Tickets:  $25 Door
The Mike & Ruthy Band
Saturday, January 21, 2017
Reception: 7:00 pm    Concert:  7:30 pm
Tickets:  $25 Door
Mary Fahl
Former Lead Singer of The October Project

Saturday, February 18, 2017
Reception: 7:00 pm    Concert:  7:30 pm
Tickets:  $25 Door

"I love Carrie Newcomer.  She writes and sings about what is most personal to her and in doing so speaks to the wider world . "   Mary Chapin Carpenter

"To my mind - a writer's mind - Carrie Newcomer is much more than a musician.  She's a poet, storyteller, snake-charmer, good neighbor, friend, lover and minister of the wide eyed gospel of hope and grace.  All this and she comes with a voice that declares - "Sit down a minute and listen."   ​Barbara Kingsolver

"Carrie is a touchstone of authenticity in an image-driven, media-defined musical world. She is a beautiful singer and songwriter and deeply refreshing."     Rosanne Cash

10 years ago we lured Carrie to the Beekley in our inaugural season.  She stunned the audience with her voice, writing, musicianship and her spirit.  The performance set Nights at the Beekley on its course.  Don't miss what we know will be a memorable return.  

In 1998, four musicians (Clay Ross, Kevin Hamilton, Charlton Singleton & Quentin Baxter) freshly graduated from university came together to form a band focused on jazz and the rich musical traditions of the Charleston SC peninsula.  Over time, the members went on to international acclaim, a Grammy nomination, international tours, thousands of performances and millions of notes played around the world.  

Now united by years apart and a deeper understanding of home, these accomplished artists have come together again to celebrate a "Heartland of American Music" born in their backyards.  "Ranky Tanky" is Sea Island Gullah for "Work It" or "Get Funky"! Its in this spirit they perform the timeless music from  the Carolina Coast.

They are now joined by Quiana Parler who has one of the most sought after voices in the South Carolina Low Country.  Quiana earned a top placement in Season 2 of American Idol through which she was discovered by Clay Aiken. She toured nationally with Clay for 7 years and has appeared with Kelley Clarkson, Ruben Stoddard and Miranda Lambert.  

“True musicianship is alive and well."   Performer Magazine   

"Everything is masterfully performed as Mike Mernda and Ruthy Ungar sing about the charms of hard work, homemade wine and free parking.  Among the barn dance reverie created by fiddle, pedal steel, horns and more, Ruthy's versatile alto is the most glorious instrument of all.   ABC News 

In the vanguard of today's vibrant folk revival. "       Pop Matters

"Bright As You Can seems to be honoring the great musical traditions of the past while at the same time welcoming, with open arms, the future of what music can be."     Folk Alley 
As to The Suitcase Junket:
"If croons could kill, this one-man-band would be a bounty-hunter.  Armed with a unique, self-sufficient approach to raw instrumentation, The Suitcase Junket is an artisan of song, bending, forging each piece with an emotional tool."   Performer Magazine 

"Not everyone can pull off the one-man-band gambit without lapsing into schtick, but Amherst's Matt Lorenz has it all down to an art...the songs are what you remember."  The Boston Globe      

As to Sean Rowe:       
"He [Sean Rowe] recalls the ecstatic intensity of the late-'60's Van Morrison and the stark subtlety of the late Johnny Cash."    The Wall Street Journal

Sean knows that he cuts an imposing figure - a bouncer's build, a biker's hair and a voice lower than Johnny Cash with a head cold.  "On the basis of his show at Club Helsinki's 5th anniversary, you can safely add Sean Rowe to the top tier of solo singer-songwriters that includes Shawn Colvin, Vance Gilbert, Greg Brown and Richard Thompson."     The Albany Times

A Music Series
Season 10
 "Sounding like no other singer of her generation" (, Mary Fahl is an expressive, emotional singer/songwriter who first achieved fame as lead singer and co-founder of the mid-1990's NYC-based chamber-pop group October Project.  The hallmark of their sound was Mary Fahl's awe-inspiring power vocals over gorgeous melodies played with passion and sophistication.  As a solo artist, Mary has released several compelling albums, including the fantastic re-working of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" for V2 Records and her wonderful original studio album "The Other Side of Time."

​Fahl's elegant, cinematic songs draw on classical and world music sources, American art song, as well as thinking man's folk-pop which she performs with an earthy, viscerally powerful contralto that Boston Globe critic Steve Morse calls "a voice for the gods that can transport listeners to other realms."
Carrie Newcomer
with Garry Walters, piano

 "If you are looking to be blown away by raw talent, then look no further than Griffin House."    American Songwriter   

"If Americana is simple music that moves people, Griffin House is the epitome of it."    No Depression       

"There are sardonic artists in Nashville and, alternately, singer/songwriters who treat the stage as a confessional.  But House manages pull off both wry and sincere at once.  He then sets it all to viscid melodies that stick in your ear like a warm hunk of taffy."   Huffington Postto 
Saturday, March 18, 2017
Reception: 7:00 pm    Concert:  7:30 pm
Tickets:  $25 Door
Griffin House