Nights at the Beekley
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Antje Duvekot
Saturday, October 19, 2013
Reception: 7:00 pm    Concert:  7:30 pm
Tickets:  $25 Door

Saturday, November 16, 2013
Reception: 7:00 pm    Concert:  7:30 pm
Tickets:  $25 Door
Krista Detor & Trio
Saturday, January 18, 2014
Reception: 7:00 pm    Concert:  7:30 pm
Tickets:  $25 Door
Kenny White
Saturday, February 15, 2014
Reception: 7:00 pm    Concert:  7:30 pm
Tickets:  $25 Door
Barnaby Bright

Saturday, March 8, 2014
Reception: 7:00 pm    Concert:  7:30 pm
Tickets:  $25 Door
Ellis Paul
Saturday, April 26, 2014
Reception: 7:00 pm    Concert:  7:30 pm
Tickets:  $25 Door

"An international supergroup... Their harmonies are divine, and the songs contain enticing elements from the various cultural backgrounds...(an) inspiring night."  The Providence Phoenix

"While each of these talented women is individually recognized as an accomplished player and voclist, it is their combined artistry that creates an unparalleled musical dynamic."  The Standard Times

"All throughout, impressively coordinated guitar work, with well synced arpeggiated duetting sections, interesting chord usage and even some blues licks drove the musical accompaniment.  Definitely, The Jammin Divas are at their pinnacle best... where all three superb voices are pouring out in a smoothly coated blend of luscious three-part harmony."    The Guardian (Canada)

"An artist of rare ability with a deep poetic gift..a CD so good that it deserves to make her famous ."  AllMusic Guide

"All songwriters should be this good."  Al Kooper for the Boston Herald

"Krista Detor belongs in a box all by herself...(but) is capable of making music quite as beautiful as any of Joni Mitchell's finer moments."  No Depression  

"I've been hosting concerts for the last 12 years and Krista Detor's impact on an audience was one of the most dramatic I have ever seen..."  Wild Basin Concert Series, Austin TX

"Krista Detor is one of the best singer/songwriters of our time."  Moor Magazine (Holland)
“I’d have to say that Kenny White has earned a place among my favorite singer/songwriters…and particularly, lyricists. As we say in the trade “he goes deep.” A true wordsmith AND musician who reveals a fine sense of humor, as well. Put on your headphones and listen carefully."  David Crosby

"Songs of tragedy, comedy, life and death... Kenny White is the troubadour of our sometimes sweet, often troubled times.  'Carry You Home' is the big song I've been waiting for.  Bravo, Kenny, in all categories...writing, playing, singing.  Could I have some more please?" Put on your headphones and listen carefully.”   Will Jennings, multi Oscar and Grammy winning songwriter

“…a provocative ensemble, paced by pianist extraordinaire, Kenny White…”
Steve Morse, Boston Globe

"Despite his success and sense of history, Mr. Paul remains an artist with his eye on the future and an interest in discovering the transformative potential of his music."  New York Times 

"Every artist has his or her moment in the sun.  If you are lucky, you have several of these moments in your career...For Ellis Paul this is the time, and this is the moment.  His life's work has been the building of a legacy, a catalog of finely tuned story songs that collectively tell the story of our generation.  In his recent album, he has done the one thing all artists yearn to accomplish.  He has told our universal story and has revealed our universal truths.  He has done so in a masterwork filled with the best music and lyrics of his career.  Ellis Paul gives us hope, gives us a reason to dream and to love.  His music is the soundtrack of our lives."    FAME Reviews

"...a folk troubador with an increasingly believable pop edge...Paul remains a singer/songwriter of uncommon insight."  The Boston Globe
"When I first heard Antje I knew I was witnessing something very special.  She creates an entire, detailed world in verse, and takes you there with beautiful and understated melody.  Her songs are stunning paintings of color and shade and always generate the heat and light that real art should.  In an unpoetic and 'in your face' world, she is lyrical and subtle."  Neil Dorfsman, producer of Springsteen, Dylan and Sting 

"Duvekot has gotten hotter faster than any local songwriter in recent memory.  Her songs feel at once fresh faced and firmly rooted, driven by the whispery sensuality of her voice.  She believes in the redemptive power of the shared secret; and is utterly unafraid to mine the darkest corners of her life for songs that turn fear into resilience and isolation into community."      The Boston Globe

Antje's music has won numerous awards - the Grand Prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition,  the prestigious Kerrville "New Folk Award," and the Boston Music Award for "Outstanding Folk Act" (three of the top prizes in the singer-songwriter world). Her song "Merry Go Round" was chosen for a Bank of America ad run during the Super Bowl. 
The Jammin' Divas

A Music Series
"In New York City, a place where hunger for success and trading love for fame is as common as pretzel vendors and Starbucks, the discovery of a duo pure of heart, mind and talent is both refreshing and inspiring.  There's something so natural and uncontrived about the music and harmonies seeping out of these lyrically-driven folk artists, that you'll find yourself mesmerized by the soulful intricacy of power couple Nathan & Becky Bliss, better known to audiences as Barnaby Bright."  NYC Art Scene 

"Confessional folk-pop can be very hit or miss, but with their thoughtful production, diverse sonic palette and insightful turns-of-phrase, married couple Nathan & Rebecca Bliss, aka Barnaby Bright, have knocked this one out of the park." Featured Artists Aug-2011

"Sounds like: that special place somewhere between the sleek adult pop of The Weepies and the more intimate harmonied splendor of The Civil Wars...classically-trained Becky has an effortless, gorgeous tone while multi-instrumentalist Nathan adds harmony and a virtual kit bag of backing sound."   Direct Current 

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