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You have found the website of one of Connecticut's most unique music venues!  Over the past 12 years we have presented 6 or 7 concerts a year until of course Covid 19 hit the state.  Quietly during the shut down we have been working to cobble together a shortened season assuming that the COVID 19 situatiion permits us to.  The decision to proceed with each and every one of the concerts will depend upon the COVID 19 as in effect in the days leading up to the concerts.  That could lead us to postponing and/or cancelling any concert if the situation warrants it.  Our advice is to keep in touch with the venue to insure that the plans to move forward with a concert are still intact.  

The venue itself is a gem of architecture in the Great Hall of the Beekley Community Library in New Hartford, CT.  Volunteers create a place where intimacy between the artist and audience is achieved while a superior sound system delivers the goods to the crowd. 

The Nights at the Beekley Series is supported by many volunteers and local businesses.  Check out the Sponsors page on this site to learn who they are and how you can get involved.  But first and foremost, join us for these special concerts.  Be careful though - if you come to one, you just might get hooked.  How rare to find a venue just minutes from home where you can sit comfortably & sip some wine while enjoying some of today's finest songwriting.        
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The Artists - Season 14
Season 14 (sort of) 

It has been a crazy ride to get here.  The shortened season will feature 3 of the finest acts ever to appear on our stage.  We will endeavor to prepare a safe and comfortable environment by strictly limiting the crowd size and increasing the spacing of the chairs in the crowd.  The sound, the music and the singers will all be the same to provide you all with a deserved night out.  Please join us for the season.
To Learn More:  Please visit us at the Nights at the Beekley Facebook Page where we will keep you up to date on past and present artists as well as other music news.   

To Order Tickets for a Concert or Concert Package:  Please call the Beekley Library at 860 379 7235 or email us at

For more information about The Licia & Mason Beekley Community Library, please visit their website below:

or by dropping by the library at:
10 Central Avenue
New Hartford, CT 06057

or by telephone at 860-379-7235

Any other questions please email us at:
Season 14
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Kenny White, James Maddock and American Patchwork Quartet..  Stay tuned. 
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